How to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

If you have been going to yoga classes for some time and have done some of the yoga poses, you know there are ways to deepen your yoga practice. It’s not just physically but mentally as well. The depth that yoga gives you is numerous.

I am the first one to admit that I am not flexible when I first wake up in the morning. I am also not the kind of person who uses loud music to psych myself up to make movement and get into exercise. Soft, gentle and meditation music works best for me. It’s through listening to gentle and meditative music that helps me to get in touch with my mind and thus, get to my “higher mind”, the Anandamaya kosha. It’s a sanskrit word that means the “wisdom” layer.

Yoga is not like any other “exercise” as we think of in the western culture. Yoga means union. It brings your mind, body and awareness all together in union. Read Dr. Rolf’s article on “7 ways to Deepen Your Asana Practice” will give you a deeper perspective on what yoga is and what yoga can do for you.

Our meditation & yoga courses give you a starting place to cultivate this practice that would last a lifetime.