Museum Project

AAPI Mobile History Museum is coming to Rhode Island at the end of September 2024 !

The Mobile Museum will tour all neighborhoods, schools, and organizations in Rhode Island and travel out of state as well. Please email us if you are interested in having us visit your organization. 

AAPI Mobile History Museum Trailer

Cultural Society Unveiled the AAPI Mobile History Museum trailer on May 4, 2024 in commemoration of the 2024 AAPI Heritage Month

May 13, 2024 Utilizing the grant from the RI Expansion Art Program of 2024 and an anonymous donation to purchase the Museum trailer, we are set out to implement the exhibits for our mobile museum.  See all the festivities and our celebration here.   The theme for this year’s AAPI Heritage Month is Asian American Activists That Changed History. To learn about the life of each of the activists on the museum trailer, click here.

March 24, 2023 We are very proud to be a recipient of a major grant from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities to execute the Preliminary Research for Museum of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) History & Culture. 

We have a team of four persons of outstanding talents to start this preliminary research and will put together prototypes of exhibits to be displayed in September 2023. We will begin with the Chinese American journey to America and the journey of the Cambodian Americans first. 

The Museum has its own website too.

If you are a person of Chinese or Cambodian descent, and you would like to donate an artifact, or lend us your special artifact relating to your culture or history, please contact our Director. If the item is precious to you and you would only like a duplicate to be made, that is perfectly acceptable. 

After the preliminary research for this AAPI history museum, which is a one-year period, we will need to research all the ethnic groups under the AAPI name. If you are person of any of the AAPI descent and would like to share your journey to America with us, please contact our Director. We can arrange to have an interview with you to get your story after our preliminary research. 

Are you a person of AAPI descent and want to share your or your ancestor's unique story, artifact or article from your journey to America, please contact our Director. We would like to include your or your ancestor's unique journey to America into our museum exhibit.