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AAC Journal

Experience Asian-American culture through our journal, compiling articles, resources, and more from AAPI community members!

AAPI Heritage Month Celebration

We proudly celebrate AAPI Heritage Month to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity and increase community engagement!

AAPI History Education Center of Rhode Island

Our commitment is to ensure excellent and accurate teaching of AAPI history in Rhode Island, with AAPI voices and perspectives. 

AAPI History Museum

CSEBRI is excited to bring you the AAPI History Museum, where we utilize art and humanities techniques to bring AAPI History to life and create an engaging experience.

Here's what some people say they hope to see in an AAPI History Museum.

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We have taken down our Blog section to make room for more interesting projects that CSEBRI has. You can still access the past articles from the Blog section below. We are no longer taking any guest articles. We hope you like our new projects.

Hear what people say about us!

“I had worked for Cultural Society as a volunteer Chinese teacher for almost 2 years. It was incredibly rewarding to work with Jeannie in her organization, meeting with new individuals, immersing into a different culture and building my confidence. I had also encountered a plethora of children who have different backgrounds where I was able to comprehend and absorb a different level of energy. It is not always about receiving, whereas, it is also a salient opportunity to participate in a community to give your care, trust and interaction with different individuals in order to learn and grow from each other. Jeannie is the nicest and most heart-warming person you can ever imagine to work with. I miss the supporting community and cannot wait to go back teaching there again!“
Martin Gui
Volunteer Chinese Teacher (2015-17)
"Cultural Society has enabled me to meet people from around the globe such as Norway, Hong Kong and other countries. I wish I could speak more languages and make new connections."
Ting Ting Xu
Volunteer Teaching Assistant 2018
"Kelly was wonderful. Because I am new to Yoga, I was able to tell her what my limitations were. She listened to my concerns and did a great class that was enough enjoyable as well as relaxing. I think my stepdaughter and I will be regulars. Thanks so much!"
Donna D.
Participant (2020)
"Jeannie was a great teacher for my boys. They are aged 6, 7 and had no Chinese language background. However in a short amount of time they were learning many things - members of the family, days of the week, colors. They were practicing writing as well. I hope we can return soon!"
Rhode Island (2019-2020)

High School Intern Testimonials: Summer 2022

“Interning at CSEBRI was the best opportunity I had ever been given. Being a young Asian American student who is still discovering more about what it means to be Asian American, this internship helped me grow and discover more about myself. The work I do at CSEBRI I’ve found a passion for, and it truly benefited me personally. Being able to work with and constantly learning about Asian Americans caused advocating for Asian American youth to become a passion of mine. Being given this opportunity taught me extremely important skills such as time management, communication, and finding joy in whatever work is given to me. The flexibility to work remotely and on my own hours made it more convenient to balance this internship with work and summer work from school, personal life, etc. This was the perfect internship for me from the people I was able to work with, to how it was structured, to the work I was doing.”

“CSEBRI has given me an educational internship experience during the Summer of 2022. I have learned so much about many of the current events involving AAPI as well as marketing strategies. I was also able to get hands-on experience in what goes on in a non-profit organization including gaining insights on financial revenue and the much needed community service needed. Meeting many different people and being able to work together benefited my growth as a leader as well. The way we worked was flexible and organized and I definitely recommend this internship for anyone who is passionate about AAPI affairs and willing to grow.”

College Intern Testimonials: Summer 2022

“Interning with CSEBRI has been a genuine pleasure. The weekly assignments (both what I researched and what my coworkers wrote) and meetings worked to inform my perspective on the Asian American experience, both specifically in Rhode Island and within the larger United States. I appreciated the chance to hone my research, organizational, and administrative skills under the guidance of veterans in the field of identity-based research and community organizing.”

“My internship experience at CSEBRI this past summer was highly rewarding. I really enjoyed my experience because I was able to learn about a culture that is different from my own. I was also able to gain direct experience in building coalitions in the community which is something that I’ve alway wanted practice in. Another of my favorite parts was that I was given the opportunity to integrate my background and interests in Economics into my internship work! If you are interested in developing your non-profit skills, working with the community, and further exploring your own interests I highly recommend this internship opportunity!”

“As an Administrative Intern for CSEBRI, I had the freedom and flexibility to initiate and lead projects based on my passions and strengths. I had a lot of control over what I could do within the organization and was entrusted with a lot of responsibility (while still being given continuous support and guidance) from my supervisor, meaning I was able to better maximize my impact within CSEBRI. By the end of my internship, I had largely improved my skills in leadership, project management, and community outreach and engagement. “

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