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Cultural Society for Entrepreneurship, Bilingualism, Resources and Inspirations (Cultural Society) – Pioneer in Creativity and Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those in our community. We envision a learning environment without borders while promoting diversity and health-conscious lifestyles

Hear what people say about us

"Cultural Society has enabled me to meet people from around the globe such as Norway, Hong Kong and other countries. I wish I could speak more languages and make new connections."
Tingting Xu
Volunteer (2018)
"Jeannie was a great teacher for my boys. They are aged 6, 7 and had no Chinese language background. However in a short amount of time they were learning many things - members of the family, days of the week, colors. They were practicing writing as well. I hope we can return soon!"
Rhode Island (2019-2020)
"Kelly was wonderful. Because I am new to Yoga, I was able to tell her what my limitations were. She listened to my concerns and did a great class that was enough enjoyable as well as relaxing. I think my stepdaughter and I will be regulars. Thanks so much!"
Donna D.
Participant (2020)

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