So, You Think “Self-care is Selfish? Read on…

When it comes to self-care, most mothers don’t even want to think about it because the very word, self-care, conjures up an image of selfishness.  “How could I put myself before my child?  “Or my family?” These may be the thoughts that go through your head as you think of self-care.  Let me say itContinue reading “So, You Think “Self-care is Selfish? Read on…”

Resources for Yoga

The first three links give you resources for beginner yogis. These pages show you how to set up a space at home for yoga practice, props you may want to invest in, poses that beginner yoga classes teach. It’s helpful for people who are beginning yoga, especially during this pandemic time, to know. Hope theseContinue reading “Resources for Yoga”

How Yoga Trains Us to Deal with Stress

In her article, Kristin Diversi wrote: “When we think of yoga, we often think of a practice that is inherently relaxing: Lying on a mat and getting totally blissed out, feeling amazing from the first ‘Om’ to the final namaste.” “By and large, that is a very incomplete picture. The reason yoga works long-term isContinue reading “How Yoga Trains Us to Deal with Stress”

Why Breath Matters in Your Yoga practice

Yoga means union. You may often hear a yoga teacher says “inhale your arms up” as a cue to remind you to coordinate your arms’ movement with your breath. “When we begin a yoga practice, one of the first lessons we learn is to breathe in and out through the nose. This is quite contraryContinue reading “Why Breath Matters in Your Yoga practice”

Do Most People Come to Yoga to Relieve Pain? What is Pain Anyway?

As a yoga teacher, I constantly take courses for my professional development and further my knowledge in yoga. Recently, I took a webinar on pain and yoga. I was very surprised to learn from this workshop that most people (estimated 11% – 52% of US population) in America live with pain. This is just notContinue reading “Do Most People Come to Yoga to Relieve Pain? What is Pain Anyway?”

Understanding Mindful Yoga (Full Version)

By Kelly Ravenscroft, LICSW, RYT What is meditation and yoga Meditation and yoga are both mind-body practices that can help you to relax and gain a deeper sense of wellbeing. Meditation tends to help the mind relax, while yoga tends to help the body relax. Meditation is usually a sitting practice, but it can alsoContinue reading “Understanding Mindful Yoga (Full Version)”

COVID-19 Lockdown Guide: How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation During Quarantine

By Aarti Gupta, PsyD Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic, many of us, even those who have not been infected by the virus, will choose to quarantine in our homes for the upcoming weeks. Capsized travel plans, indefinite isolation, panic over scarce re-sources and information overload could be aContinue reading “COVID-19 Lockdown Guide: How to Manage Anxiety and Isolation During Quarantine”