6 Ways You Can Make Your Home Happier and Healthier

Your home should be your sanctuary. It’s the place you go to unwind and relax, and it should also be the healthiest place in your life. Below, Culture Society shares six ways to revamp your home to keep it a happy and healthy place and increase your property’s value in the process.

1. Promote Wellness in Your Home

Wellness isn’t always an easy concept to define — but it’s not something you can ignore, either. When you think about wellness, don’t just limit yourself to your physical health: think about stress levels, how you eat, how well you sleep, and your overall happiness. Do some deep thinking about how all these aspects of your life interact with each other. Everyday Health points out that knowing what sparks joy for you is a good place to start when planning out your home’s wellness strategy.

2. Hire Professional Cleaners

Be honest — cleaning may not be your thing. This is where house cleaners come in. They can help you keep everything sparkling, sanitized, and clean so you don’t have to worry about it. Some home cleaning services will even throw in extra tasks, such as laundry or food prep, while they do their thing. Hiring a house cleaner is one of those things that might seem frivolous but could boost your happiness levels substantially by simply making life easier.

3. Add Color to the Walls for Happy Vibes

Paint your home’s interior a color that evokes pleasant feelings. It will do wonders for your state of mind. Perhaps an inviting shade of red or soft yellow. If you need some guidance on what color schemes work best in which spaces, find an online resource that pairs together complementary colors. These sites will help you to see what works well together, so you can put together a relaxing color-driven space in your home. 

4. Renovate to Boost Your Property’s Value

There are many ways you can renovate your property to add to its overall value. Right now, dedicated home offices are incredibly popular. Or you can set up a wellness room where you can exercise and practice yoga. If you’re interested in joining a yoga class, Cultural Society offers a weekly class. It’s a great way to practice your technique and get to know other people in your community.

But there’s a simple option that you may have overlooked: installing ceiling fans. It’s a relatively inexpensive upgrade that makes a big difference in the comfort and aesthetic aspects of a room. Although you can install one yourself, I’d suggest hiring someone with experience as it can be a cumbersome project. Plus, you are dealing with electricity, which can be dangerous. Find a good review site online and look through the comments to find a contractor you can trust.

If you’re looking for a much larger renovation, adding an apartment to your home will increase your overall property value and bring in extra cash from renters. Not only does adding an apartment increase livable space, but it also adds rental income that can be used for mortgage payments. A pool house could be a great investment, too. Take before and after photos and keep receipts documenting everything you spend.

5. Add to or Update Your Home’s Decor

A key part of having a home you’re happy in is decorating it with furniture, artwork, and items of utility to make your space calming and aesthetically pleasing to you. The process of decorating each room and figuring out how to make it just right can also be a lot of fun. Look for pieces that inspire you or remind you of your culture. And bring in things that make you feel happy and at peace. It’s your space, so make it reflect you.

6. Declutter to Refresh Your Home

Getting and keeping your home decluttered is a great first step to reducing stress in your life. Start by taking time to go through your belongings. Decide what you want to keep, then try to donate or sell everything else. Fewer things taking up space means lower stress.

Happier and Healthier

The hectic pace of modern-day living can stress you out and make you unhappy. Fortunately, there are some easy ways, from cleaning and decluttering to decorating, that you can make your home a happier and healthier place. You can even do a few upgrades – large or small – to help you enjoy your space now and make your home more appealing to potential buyers later. 

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Photo Credit: Gary Barnes via Pexels