Health & Wellness Initiative

Group Yoga Class is finished on May 24, 2022

 Our FREE in-person group yoga class is finished on May 24th, 2022.  If you are interested in future group or private yoga classes, in-person or online classes, please use the “Tell us about your interest” form on the left to let us know of your interest.  We are happy that we could be of service to you in the past and in the future, especially during the height of the pandemic where stress was paramount in everyone’s life. 

Our Health & Wellness Philosophy

Our health and wellness program at Cultural Society is unique because we employ a combination of western science techniques, ancient healing philosophies like Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and the progressive approach of Integrative Medicine to promote healthier living. We do so using 5 tiers of focus:

The First Tier

The first tier of our focus is nutrition (i.e. what is a healthy diet, how can we use food as a disease prevention, know the difference between getting 100 calories from a donut vs. 100 calories from a bowl of mixed nuts etc.) and bringing awareness of health to different individuals. Without awareness, no matter how much knowledge you have on health, it would not be effective. So, in this tier, we will bring workshops on nutrition. We will visit topics such as how to eat for your health, how to tell what food has the nutrients you need, what are the essential nutrients for your body, how to eat to maintain a healthy weight, and to have the energy you need.

The Second Tier

The second tier of our focus is movement. We begin with easy movements such as stretches, gentle exercise. We will progress to use yoga as the platform to implement these movements for your health because yoga can be gentle and rigorous depending on your fitness and goal. We also supplement it with social walks/strolls because walking is the most fundamental form of movement. Especially for some of the most sedentary people who are not used to doing movements, we start with walking first. We let you get energized by breathing the air outside and let you marvel at the beautiful environment we have in our New England area.

Read more here about the benefits of yoga!

The Third Tier

In the third tier, we use breathing to regulate our mind and our nervous system. A Sanskrit word that encapsulates this tier is “pranayama.” “Prana” means life force, and the word  “yama” means restraint. Thus, the combination of these two words means restraining our breath or in the life force. There are so many different pranayama techniques we could use to regulate our minds and nervous system. By restraining or controlling our breath, we could regulate our mind to achieve the health effect we want. We will teach you these pranayama techniques along with the movement we do. (Tier 2).

The Fourth Tier

The fourth tier of our focus is on mental health. This area of focus consists of two parts: 1) mental health education and 2) mental health advocacy.

The Fifth Tier

The fifth tier of our focus is on graceful aging. We will individualize movement and nutrition programs for the 50+ population so that they can continue to enjoy the active lives they’ve had and assist those who may not have an active life due to the lack of information or activities in their communities.  We will provide structure and form social groups for them to enjoy each other’s company among their peers.

If you are interested in our program or wish to contact us about it, please click here to fill out a form.