AAC Journal – Welcome!

NOTICE: AAC Journal is temporarily stopped due to lack of staff. ----In the meantime, please enjoy the content from previous months!


What is the AAC Journal?

The AAC Journal was conceived in the summer of 2022.  It was created to inform our members and give them a platform to express their ideas and opinions about the issues that mean a lot to them. At the same time, we want to establish a journal that could inform others about the interests and concerns of AAPI community in our region. 

The Journal consists of seven issues each academic year, from September to May.  Each issue has a theme and its own sections. It is run strictly by volunteers and interns.  Anyone can submit articles to the Journal. You do not have to be of AAPI descent. However, your article has to be AAPI-related material to be accepted. You can submit your article using our Contact Form or the director’s email address. The current editor-in-chief is also our director of the Cultural Society, while the position is open to be filled.  All who are interested should submit their inquiries to [email protected] 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Uniting AAPI Community for Change

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