Meditation Classes

We teach meditation as a course. We want to ensure continuity in your learning which will bring the most benefits. Each course is 4-week long. Email us if you don’t know which course to choose or where to start on your practice.

Is COVID-19 making you stressed? Then join us for a 4-week course and learn how meditation can help. Each week we will explore a different type of meditation so you can discover which meditation practice is right for you. In order to get the full benefits, it is recommended that you to plan to attend all classes for the month you sign up. We have two 4-week courses available. You can take one or both and do not need to take the first one in order to take the second one. They are independent of each other.

Meditation Course:

Introduction to Meditation

2/6/21 – 2/27/21 Registration closed at 3:00 p.m. on 2/5/21

4 Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. – 11 a.m.

(Four week course)

This course teaches you everything you need to know about Meditation. The instructor will walk you step-by-step to get you ready for this journey of the ancient art of meditation.


10/10/20 – 10/31/20

This course is finished on 10/30/20, please sign up for the course in January 2021 above.

Week 1 – 10/10 – Mindful Body Scan – learn to be present in the moment by observing sensations in the body

Week 2 – 10/17 –  Mindfulness of the breath – learn to observe the many different qualities of the breath and stabilize your attention in the present moment

Week 3 – 10/24 –  Loving Kindness Meditation – learn to increase positive emotions and soften your inner critic

Week 4 – 10/31 –  Mindful Guided Imagery -Learn to connect with your inner strength, stability and ease.

Duration: 10/10/20 – 10/31/20
Time and Date: Saturdays  9:00am – 10:00 am

4 Week Course: 9/12/20 – 10/3/20

No longer taking registration, please sign up for the first course if you’re interested

Week 1 – 9/12) Guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation – learn to relax your mind with guided imagery and to relax your body with progressive muscle relaxation

Week 2 – 9/19) Breath Control Practices – Learn to identify your stress breathing patterns and how to stabilize your energy throughout the day with short breath control practices. 

Week 3 – 9/26) Mantra Meditation – learn to use focus words to calm the body, ease the heart center, and relax the mind

Week 4 – 10/3) Sound meditation – Learn and experience how humming generates relaxation through increasing nitric oxide, which is a natural vasodilater

Pre-requisite: No prior meditation experience necessary. 

Equipment: This class is on zoom so you will need a computer or a laptop that has a camera and a microphone.  You can meditate sitting in a chair, on a cushion, or kneeling on a meditation bench or yoga blocks. I will be using a chair.

Duration: 9/12/20 – 10/3/20
Time and Date: Saturdays  9:00am – 10:00 am

Note: These courses are independent of each other. You can take one or both and do not need to take the first one in order to take the second 4-week course

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