Do Most People Come to Yoga to Relieve Pain? What is Pain Anyway?

As a yoga teacher, I constantly take courses for my professional development and further my knowledge in yoga. Recently, I took a webinar on pain and yoga. I was very surprised to learn from this workshop that most people (estimated 11% – 52% of US population) in America live with pain. This is just not temporary pain but pain that persists for more than 3 months. Furthermore, I learned that pain is only an output from our brain and it does not indicate that something is broken in us; it is merely a distressing experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, with sensory, emotional, cognitive, and social components.” (Shelly Prosko).

I often hear my students tell me that they have pain in their body. When inquired further, I learned that there are different types of sensations they feel but they call them all “pain”. In this article, you will learn what pain really is and how many different types of pain there are…etc. Depending on our terminology used, it affects how we feel differently. If you want to put theory into practice and put yoga to work in your life, sign up for our course in starting in December and learn a few asana to help relieve your pain, whether it’s on your back or other parts of your body. Learn about how yoga can relieve pain and bring you comfort.