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Have you ever wondered why so many people are talking about yoga?

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Please read on and see the many yoga courses we created for you. Each one of the yoga courses addresses a specific issue of your health.

Read through each one of them and see which one speaks to you. If you are not sure, please use the contact form on the bottom to schedule a free consultation with us or email us directly at

On this initiative, Health and Wellness, we use yoga as the vehicle to heal, change, transform, maintain and enhance one’s health.

Yoga penetrates to the different layers of koshers and works with your doshas to keep you balanced and healthy. What are koshas and doshas? Click here to learn more about Ayurveda and how yoga works with it. We offer meditation classes to teach you how to get into your deeper self, to get you from your “lower mind” to your “higher mind”.

In the face of stress amid the Pandemic, use meditation to help you stay calm and grounded. Practice Yoga (asana) can keep your body supple and mobile during times of idleness or inactivities.

We will continue to introduce you with topics in nutrition along with yoga to address all aspects of your health: Mental health, Cardiovascular/heart health, Gut health, digestive health and physical health in this initiative. 

Please browse through our course offering and follow the instructor to sign up for classes. 

Our Yoga Courses

Our yoga courses are theme-based and addresses a special aspect of your health each month. We design yoga sequences to work on that particular aspect with some general poses to complement you holistically. You will develop a deeper body awareness and mind- body connection. Come experience yoga with our effective teaching and practice.

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Our Meditation Courses

Our meditation courses are also theme-based. Each week we teach you a different type of meditation with different technique so you can get to your deeper self and have the tools to create a deeper sense of happiness and well being. Come explore our courses to reap the full benefit of meditation in your life.

Two people in sitting meditation pose.

If you don’t see anything there, please write to us so we can keep a list of your concerns in mind and perhaps develop a course which answers your needs in the future.

For more general information on getting started on yoga or how to set up your home for yoga practice during the pandemic, please check out our Resource page for Resources for Yoga. If you want more individual information to answer your specific concern or situation, please fill out this questionnaire.

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