Special Announcement – Issue 4

Special Announcement from CSEBRI

We are very proud to let you know that the Cultural Society (CSEBRI) is one of the recipients of the Art Culture Expansion grant from the Rhode Island Foundation, Rhode Island Council for the Humanities, and Rhode Island State Council for the Arts for the next three years. This grant will give us $10,000 of unrestricted funds for the next three years to strengthen our administration and expand our Arts and Culture programs.

We will use part of this grant to explore the feasibility of opening up a museum of AAPI history with a culture center where we could have a space to reframe the history that happened in our past because knowing just what happened in our history can make one feels down sometimes. It is necessary to have a community space to interact with each other, hold activities for children and families, or maybe have a space to hold workshops for us to learn more than just the AAPI history and culture, reframe some of the histories in our past.

We are also in the process of forming an AAPI Advisory Council to reach out to the different ethnic groups in the AAPI communities in Rhode Island. We know representation is important if we are calling ourselves the AAPI advisory council. We truly want to find ten members who can represent some of the AAPI population in Rhode Island. 

We have representations in Chinese American, Indian American, Cambodian American, and mixed Asian heritage American. We are still lacking in other Asian American groups, such as Korean Americans, Filipino Americans, Japanese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Pacific Islanders, and Native Hawaiian Americans…etc. If you know anyone interested in joining this AAPI advisory council group, please feel free to nominate this individual to us. Self-nomination is acceptable as well if you are interested in joining. We love to talk to you further and give you more information on what you can do to help our AAPI community group thrive in Rhode Island and more information on the AAPI advisory council. Please feel free to email Jeannie Salomon at [email protected] to schedule a conversation with her.

Please feel free to email Jeannie Salomon at [email protected] to schedule a conversation with her about your interest for the AAPI advisory council.