Resources for Black History Month

February is Black History Month! What started out as just a week of African-American recognition, honor, and focus on culture turned into an entire month, boosting celebration and education of Black history throughout the United States, Canada, and many other countries. The AAPI community stands in solidarity with the Black community: to get started, here are some resources surrounding two major facets, history and culture, to learn more about this monumental time of the year.


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Historical Resources for Black / Asian Solidarity

Black / Asian Solidarity – Historical Resources

An Autobiography of Malcolm X – 

The Autobiography of Malcolm X – PDF

An Autobiography of Angela Davis – 

Angela Davis, An Autobiography – PDF

A look into the past between South Asians and African Americans – 

The Secret History of South Asian and African American Solidarity

History’s facts and details about BHM –


The Help – an Academy Award-winning period drama film –

Hidden Figures – an award-winning biographical film

Poetry Foundation Black History Month Collection of various poems regarding African-American history and culture

Kindred – an award-winning science fiction novel about a woman who goes back in time, confronted by her ancestors

Google’s collection of black history through art and other mediums –

This list of resources is compiled by Daniel Liu, who is an intern at CSEBRI and majors in Computer Science at Brown University. 

Additional Resources contributed by Others

Amazing Milestones in Black history 

(Contributed by a student named Ella.)