AAC Journal – Vol. 1, Issue 5: Letter from the Editor

The Theme of this Issue: How Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are Presented in Different Industries

Dear AAC Members & Readers:

I am fascinated by the diversity and the broad perspectives shared by the articles on this issue.
Our writers have explored how Asian Americans are depicted in entertainment, fashion, tech,
nail industries. The Special Featured article about Pacific Islanders' Portraits speaks poignantly
about the invisibility of racism that has impacted us. Each article touches my heart with a
reminder that we are still in this fight for equality and equity even though blatant discrimination is

I do see that institutions and organizations are slowly trying to “redeem” themselves from past racism. Is it a coincidence that Asian Americans made an unprecedented win at the Oscars with the movie, Everything Everywhere All At Once? What is the significance of winning the Oscars, you may ask? “Winning the Oscar has been estimated to give actors a 20% boost in their pay packets for their next role, and the effect can last for several movies or an entire career.” (https://en.as.com) To begin with, acting is an industry that is hard to get in. The film industry is such a difficult field to break into. It takes special talents and a lot of luck to be noticed and selected or just to get a foot in the door, let alone win the Oscar. There are many comments and speculations on why Asian Americans had such great success at this year’s Oscars. Whatever the comments were, I am just glad that “We Won!” and it’s about time!

Enjoy the articles in this issue!

Warmed regards,
Jeannie Salomon
Editor in Chief