A Message From Our Director

Some new changes are in place for the new school year.

I am both excited and nostalgic as I am writing this message to the CSEB community.   I feel nostalgic because I love the Chinese culture, not only because it’s my heritage.  It is something I studied when I was in my undergraduate studies and again in my graduate studies.  It’s part of me!   Founding CSEB in 2011 was something that I could put the Chinese culture and language into a “practical” modality where people, especially young children, can have a path to start on this journey.  Of course, it is very much influenced by my experience of being a mom after searching many places in my locale for a school which offered Chinese language for my children.

Starting a non-profit organization with the focus of teaching Chinese language answered this quest.  With limited resources but a lot of heart and determination, I started CSEB with a small board of directors, who are still with us today.   The board was intentionally small because from my previous experience of founding three non-profit organizations that a large board of directors would make decision-making difficult. Things don’t get done and goals don’t get fulfilled when the board is too big.  I wanted a non-profit organization which sees a need and put it into action and get right to work.

With a small board, there is a limit in resources because each board member brings in resources to the organization.  Fortunately, I recruited a big volunteer base which can be dispatched when called to help with an event.   CSEB has functioned well for the first seven years with many volunteers and a small staff.  We have grown past the critical stage of the first five years of an organization!  We experienced some slow turn in the eighth year. The slow turn gave me time to re-evaluate the mission of CSEB.  A new passion also began to surface in me for the past two years.

I began to notice the health issues in our community. I noticed more and more people are sick around me.   Hearing so and so is having an operation and a surgery and have to be absent from work and more women friends told me that they are stressed out with family and work made my heart sank.  When I talked to them and asked more about their lives, the common denominator in all of their health issues was stress, lack of exercise and an imbalance lifestyle.  I could relate to them because when I was stressed, I also pushed exercise aside and ate without noticing. (I used to run long distance to calm myself until I got injured.)  However, one thing that I don’t put aside no matter how hectic life got to me was doing yoga.  At first I did yoga as a conditioning to my running.  After I got injured and had to put my running aside, yoga became my “staple”.  Someone at the yoga studio I went to before put a bug in my ear about yoga teacher training.  This thought stayed with me for a while until last year that I cleared out my schedule to eventually put yoga teacher training in my schedule and became a reality. The yoga teacher training was intense even though I have been practicing yoga for over 16 years and was my go-to “sport” whenever I got injured from running.   I thought about bringing this to my community where it could help others to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle.  There was another thing that was equally important along with healthy physical movement for people, it is what we eat— nutrition.  I spent another four months taking an on-line course on exercise nutrition which complement very well with yoga practice to achieve a healthy balance for most of the concerns I heard. After proposing this program to our board, it is now approved and it is part of CSEB’s mission.  Today I am very excited to announce CSEB’s new Wellness Program.  Please browse the schedule of classes and pre-register online and book your classes online before coming to class.   Going through the motion of booking a class will firm up your commitment that you will come.  It is a commitment you are giving to yourself for building a good health and a balanced lifestyle.  It starts with your determination (mentally), your body will follow. 

Yoga offers many health and calming benefits.  Plenty of scientific research can back up  these claims.  I especially want to reach out to those who have never tried yoga before.  You will find my method of teaching easy to follow.  Even if you have tried it before but didn’t stay with it, please try again. Please feel free to click on the specific link that resonates with your concern below and find out how my approach of teaching yoga will help you get the benefits of them.  

We still have Chinese classes available at CSEB.  CSEB is open for classes on Saturdays.   If you cannot come on Saturdays, please feel free to email me to schedule a time and day that is convenient for you.   All the sessions are  private or semi-private and by appointment only.

CSEB’s New Wellness Program

We are happy to announce that we are adding a Wellness Program in CSEB’s mission.

We are in a society which spends more money on curing diseases than preventing them. Since I am not a medical doctor nor have much of medical knowledge to cure diseases, I think I can do something in preventing sickness.  CSEB’s wellness is all about sickness prevention.  By increasing our physical movement, mindful eating, paying attention to our lifestyle to eliminate stress will do many things for our body.

While Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” .  I say,

“An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure.”   

When it comes to our health, body and mind.

Yoga + Nutrition

Yoga + Fitness

Yoga + Healing 

Yoga + Christian Community 

Last, but not least, I am very proud to announce that CSEB is the sponsoring organization for a new public charter school, Mindy Independent, which will be coming to East Providence in 2021.  Please see their website to see how you can enroll your child at this new innovative elementary school.