AAC Journal – Vol. 1, Issue 4: Letter from the Editor

The Theme of this issue: Asians for Black Americans & in Solidarity

Dear AAC Members & Readers:

The month of February’s designation as Black History Month makes me think of such great leaders as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, John Lewis, and many more in our history and the civil rights movement. There is no word that could describe the admiration I feel for these leaders and the sacrifices they have made for the social justice they fought for in their communities.

We decided to use this month to do some research and self-reflection and look at the Asian American relationships with the Black Americans’ fight for equal rights over the years and see what we could learn from them. I hope the articles in this issue will enlighten you and inspire you to have a deeper reflection on where we are today as a society and as a nation in the area of race, justice, and democracy.

I am very proud of the work our college interns put in to help us explore the relationship between Asian and Black Americans in the recent past and the present and how we can go forward to work with each other to achieve greater humanity in which the color of your skin does not matter.

Please be sure to read The Special Announcement on this issue, as we have planned many events and activities in Rhode Island for the upcoming months and the year. As always, please feel free to email me if you have any questions or ideas to share.

Best regards,
Jeannie Salomon