Meet Our Team

People are at the heart of our Organization here.  These are the people behind the scene who have put in their talents, passion and sometimes sweat to design our programs and services.

Whether much or little, big or small,  we all pull together to give our best and what we have to make the services, courses  and programs possible at Cultural Society.  Here they are:

Leadership Team & Advisory Council Representatives

Jeannie Salomon, MBA, RYT200, Pn1

Founding Director, Instructor

Edward T. Lau, MPA

Interim Executive Director

Rory Senerchia, Ph.D

Advisory Council Member

Board Members & Network Partners

Kelly Ravenscroft, LICSW, RYT200

Director, Health & Wellness Programs; Instructor

Yu Luo Rioux, Ph. D.

Director, Cultural Programs; Instructor

Jessica So

Network Partner; Director, The Cultural Landscape

Carmen Kwan

Network Partner; Director, Development and Community Affairs

Cindy Yuan

Network Partner; Instructor, Cultural Programs

Picture of Youchao Yang

Youchao Yang

Contributor, The Cultural Landscape

Keri Schnabel

Contributor, The Cultural Landscape

Esther Grumbacker

Contributor, The Cultural Landscape

Michelle Chan, MBA

Instructor, Cultural Programs

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