Tai Chi (Tai Ji)

Description: Taichi (Taiji), like all other Chinese Kungfu (martial arts), is a long-term enrichment for one’s life, it enhances one’s physical strength and mental health, in addition to improving the posture, balance, and flexibility. This course starts from movements to breathing exercises. It is especially helpful for stress and anxiety relief.

Pre-requisite: No Prior experience required.  All Welcome! 

Class size: 5-15 (Ideal) 

Class Starts: March 2021 

Class time & Day: TBA

Course will be offered in March 2021

Time:  TBA 

Information Session for this course: 

Fri, Sept. 18, 2020 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Yu Luo Rioux, Ph. D., is teaching modern Chinese language, culture, and literature at UMass Lowell. Her work experience is long and varied, ranging from teaching, advising, translating, interpreting, and consulting. With a BA in English (language and literature) in China, MA in American Studies, and Ph. D. in (Human) Geography in the U. S., Dr. Rioux has a good understanding of cultural differences and challenges. Enhancing cross-cultural understanding has always been her passion. She has initiated and participated in cultural exchange programs, and has been invited to relevant guest lectures. She has published both in the English and the Chinese languages. Her research interests range from language acquisition to cross-cultural studies and the cultural geography of China.

New to Tai Chi? We will show to how to get started!