Meagan Lee

Meagan is a High School student who is passionate about leadership and Asian American affairs. She finds herself dedicating hours of community service each week leading others. Meagan speaks English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and has been enrolled in Spanish for four years. She currently assists in teaching Chinese to elementary school students at the Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island Chinese School. As an intern for the Cultural Society, Meagan works as the Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator of the Asian American Connections Initiative. Her duties include recruiting AACI representatives and members, establishing an educational forum for AAC and inviting well-known Asian-Americans to speak or share with AAC members. Additionally, supervising AAC representatives and building a strong social media presence is essential to her position. As an eager leader within the community, Meagan continues to use her skills to help others and create a positive change within the realm. Her qualification arises from her responsible and mature character as she puts herself in the shoes of others to experience different perspectives. Networking is also crucial within this field. Her communication skills have allowed her to bond and connect with many.

Meagan’s experience lies within the International Leadership Foundation, the nation’s most prestigious AAPI civic leadership development program and various other leadership positions she has held. Her professional leadership training at the Youth Leadership Academy of ILF has benefitted her to become more civically engaged within the community and being an outlet to other Asian American youth. Her demonstration of public service, civic awareness, and economic effectiveness  cultivates her capability to work and communicate with others. In October 2021, Meagan delivered an honorable speech regarding her experience and visions in the International Leadership Foundation to leaders across the state and nation. They include Governor and First Lady of Rhode Island, Former Acting U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Founding President of ILF, ILF investors and business leaders, government officials, etc. Aside from the International Leadership Foundation, Meagan has founded and led Love, North, a New England Patriots Foundation awarded Community Service project serving elderly within the community. In addition, the Youth Service Project and Vanguards Fellowship of the Chinese Christian Church of Rhode Island. She also serves within her school’s Student Council, Student Voice Summit, and Peer Leaders.

Meagan is also a performing arts lover. She has been dancing for eleven years, playing the piano for ten, playing the guitar and singing for five, and enjoys performing within the Theater Company of her school. Her love for teaching kids and musical talents inspire her to teach children with special needs and those less fortunate how to play piano. In January 2022, Meagan was awarded ‘Best Actress’ at her first show. In her free time, Meagan enjoys trying new food, spending time with friends and family, and traveling. In the future, Meagan is interested in working within the government as well as using her language skills to be involved in international relations.