Jeannie Salomon MBA, RYT200, Pn1

Jeannie has many passions in life and has a big heart for people.  She embraces multiculturalism, digital transformation, health and nutrition. Jeannie is a loving mother.  When her children were young, she used her talents and teaching experiences to train them to be bilingual in her native language,Chinese, and English.  This led to the founding of the Cultural Society in 2011 where she extended this opportunity to the children in her community.  Jeannie understands the importance of bilingualism because she was brought up bilingual when she started school at the age of 4 in Hong Kong, her birth place. She knows the usefulness of knowing these two languages and wants to complement what her community lacked at that time by providing Chinese language lessons to American children and English lessons to Chinese children.  

Around 2015-2017, Jeannie began seeing friends and people in her circle suffering physical pain and imbalances in life, she was reminded of her personal practice of yoga of many years.  After contemplating for two years, she decided to go for yoga teacher training and used yoga as the power to heal and prevent illnesses; she proposed a wellness program at Cultural Society to serve the health needs of her community. In September 2019, a wellness program with yoga classes was implemented and became part of Cultural Society’s Organizational mission in 2019.  Jeannie’s yoga classes are theme-based and address a particular interest each month. 

Jeannie had taught math and business in private and public schools and community colleges in California before she taught Chinese at the Cultural Society, private and public schools in Rhode Island.  Her motto is: work hard and play hard. Jeannie’s teaching goal is to ‘cultivate passion from within’ in each of her students.  Her belief, “If you can discover your passion and harness it as your guiding force, everything you learn becomes effortless.”  runs true to everything in life as well.

Jeannie has a bachelor degree in East Asian Studies with a minor in Chinese. Her Master in Business Administration degree (MBA) is in International Management and Chinese.  She is a certified yoga teacher who is registered with Yoga Alliance; she is also a nutrition coach with training from Precision Nutrition.  She is expanding her skills in yoga and is currently studying to become a Yoga Therapist.  

Jeannie is responsible for teaching & designing yoga courses, administration of Heritage & Culture initiative and oversees the operation at the Cultural Society which includes grant writing and other marketing initiatives.

She can be reached at