Health and Wellness Resources

Resources for Beginner Yogis

If you’re a beginner yogi, these resources can show you how to set up a space at home for yoga practice, props you may want to invest in, and poses that beginner yoga classes teach.

This resource helps you set up a space for your home practice. 

This resource has everything you need to know on how to begin practicing yoga: how to get started, props you need, beginner poses to know, and the styles and benefits of yoga. 

This resource gives you specific poses for beginners. It’s great to know the poses’ names and to see what the poses look like in pictures.

Other Yoga Resources

This resource is a guide on psychotherapy and yoga that includes what yoga therapy is, how yoga health is put into practice, and how yoga complements psychotherapy theory.

This resource includes four benefits that a regular yoga practice could bring to long-term addiction recovery.

This resource explains what holistic therapy is and how it is effectively applied to addiction therapy.