About the AAC

The Asian American Connections (AAC) is a mentorship and membership-based initiative. Our objective is to connect people with resources and provide services that are helpful/empowering in the hopes of bettering lives. Some of the services are outsourced through our collaborator, such as the Center for Southeast Asians (CSEA).

Our 5 Services

  1. Health & wellness program. Read more here.
  2. Cultural workshops and classes
  3. Computer classes (Outsourced to CSEA)
  4. English classes for new immigrants (Outsourced to CSEA)
  5. Translation and interpretation services

Our Goals

This initiative specializes in helping immigrants and their next generations resolve cultural shocks resulting from their move to America. We also provide services for younger generations to find and explore their cultural identity as they grow up in America. One of our main points of focus is in Chinese-American studies; for example, we offer Chinese language and culture classes for all people. If you want to learn more about Chinese-American identity, please check out this research paper on our blog.
Another service we offer is the health advocacy of Asian Americans, which can be found in our Health & Wellness program. The preliminary work to identify particular health needs among Asian Americans has already been done by CSEA and APIAHF (Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum) and is reported here. We are partnering with them to finish and apply the results to help Asian-Americans live healthier lives as well as assisting them in getting the resources they need.

If you want to be part of AAC (Asian American Connections), please sign up on our membership page. There are two levels of membership available. If you want to become a mentor, please fill out our form to let us know the areas you want to mentor someone in. If you want to find a mentor, please fill out this form to let us know your needs. Please feel free to email us to share your ideas on how to further our cause with us. We love to hear from you