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Classes Available for 2018-19

Language Classes Offered at CSEB

Cantonese Chinese

Mandarin Chinese


Other Classes

Exploring Chinese Culture*

Intercultural Communication*

Chinese Calligraphy*

Asian Arts*

*These classes can be taught as a workshop or a series of classes like a college course. Please inquire for its individual pricing.

Descriptions of Classes 

 Cantonese:   Cantonese class is available both in private and group lessons.  This is the other major dialect in China, and the language that is spoken in Hong Kong and Singapore.  Cantonese is spoken by 100 million people in China and it’s the other popular dialect you want to know if you want to travel to Hong Kong, Guangzhou (China) and Singapore.   It’s also a dialect that is heard in most Chinatowns in the U.S. because Cantonese people were the early settlers in the U.S. during the first migration in the 1800’s.  Cantonese people invented the dish of Chop Suey and Fortune Cookies in our Chinese restaurants today!  If you ever tasted Dim Sum in Chinese restaurants, all those names of small dishes were originated from Cantonese dialect.  If you have not tasted Dim Sum before, you should try!

Exploring Chinese Culture:    Have you ever wondered what the Chinese Zodiac has to do with how Chinese people make decisions?  Will knowing someone’s Chinese Zodiac sign let you know more about that person’s temperament, personality and his/her core? This is a culture class that does not require any prior knowledge of Chinese.  All you need is a curiosity to explore a new culture and see things in a new way!

Intercultural Communication:  When someone says “no”, does that person also mean “yes”?  Come to this class to explore how “yes” and “no” could mean different things in a different culture.  Find out how most communication can be misunderstood if you don’t take culture into consideration.   This is a communication class taught in English and does not require any prior knowledge of Chinese.  Instructors may use Chinese to illustrate a concept but English translation is always provided.   Be ready to hear some humors and keep a light heart and an open mind when you come to this class.  You will be entertained as well!

Asian Arts: Learn art from the prospective of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  This class employs different media to create different articles of art objects and paintings.

Korean: This language is spoken by 80 million people worldwide. It is the official language of  North and South Korea.  Korean is available in both private and group classes.

Consulting Service

If your company or organization requires an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese language or culture or requires an unique solution which requires our expertise, please call or inquire our service .  This includes but not limited to educational consulting,  marketing, or translating.  Please feel free to send us an inquiry by using the form below or emailing our Director at


Please send us an email to indicate your interest in any of the classes or service above.  All inquiries are welcome!