Small Group Yoga with Jeannie

Our Chair Yoga Class allows you to have a full-body experience. It is gentle but can work and train you to be flexible and give you the mobility you need.

As a response to COVID-19, we have transitioned our yoga classes online since April 1, 2020. Through many trials and errors in the month of April, our small group of students decided that the best format to hold these Zoom yoga classes is to have the instructor pre-record a class and let them watch and follow this class while the instructor will watch students’ postures on their Zoom cameras during class times. This way, students will get live coaching tips as if they were in person with the instructor. The after-class discussion is brief but substantial where the instructor gives immediate coaching tips based on what she has observed and students can bring up any imminent questions during this time. Using technology and limiting the number of students in these small group yoga classes, we were able to maintain an in-person experience for our students. In addition, students get a copy of the yoga video they watched so they can do the same practice again in their free time and with the added coaching tips from the instructor.

Even though more states will re-open their economy on May 8 or before, we believe there is really no safe way to be back to “normal” again until scientists have come up with a vaccine for this Coronavirus. We have the utmost consideration for our most vulnerable among our population and will do what we can to keep them safe and healthy. The CDC guidelines is that if a state has a two-weeks of decline in the number of infection cases, that state can start thinking about re-opening their economy. So far, no states has achieved this decline in the number of infection cases. Therefore, we know social distancing is here with us for a while. We will make the best of the situation, help protect those who are most vulnerable among our population, not to overwhelm our health-care system, not to put our health-care workers and doctors in over-load by continuing to keep the Stay-at-Home order even though we have to alter the way we live and the way we practice yoga but it is the safest way, at least for now. Yet, we cannot give up our yoga practice or stop socializing, we have to keep doing what we have been doing as healthy physical movement which is good for our health and physical development. CSEB Wellness is here to support you and to support your yoga practice.

While we have only a few spots available in our Beginner Yoga Class which titled “Small Group Yoga with Jeannie” at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, we can form another Small Group Yoga class at a different time, such as at 10:30 a.m. on the same days or just one or two of these days. A small number of yoga passes with one-class or two-classes per week is available on sale for $30 and $50 per month online. Or you can choose $60 per month for unlimited classes per week. Our prices are still affordable as compared to regular yoga studios. Please go to our Online store to make your selection if the schedule fits you.

If our current schedule of classes is not feasible for you or is not available to you, perhaps we can form another yoga class such as a Chair Yoga class (or another beginner yoga class), which can accommodate those who have not done yoga before or who have less flexibility for now until they have practiced yoga longer to transition into a mat yoga class. There is nothing wrong to stay in Chair yoga if that’s what you need or for however long you need to be in Chair yoga. Our Chair yoga classes still allow you to have a full-body experience. It is gentle but can work and train you to be flexible and give you the mobility you need to do everyday task and more. Give it a try. If you still have doubt, email the instructor with any questions or concerns you have and see what is the best course of action for you. It is very important that we keep active with healthy physical movement, however small step you must take, any step is better than no step.

As the Chinese Proverb says:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 

And those who love it in Chinese language:


I hope you have enough inspiration to take your first step. Namaste! 🙏