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Welcome to a New School Year of 2018-19

Some new changes are in place for the new school year.

Whether you are a returning student/parent or a first-time student/parent as CSEB, we are glad you are here.   We want to applaud you for taking Chinese as your choice of a second language.  The difference between the Chinese and English languages is as great as the distance between the states of Maine and California on the U.S. map.   This difference cannot be simply stated in one sentence.

CSEB is entering into our 8th year of operation.  We decide that we have to make some changes this year in order to meet the needs of the our returning students and the demands of our new students.

We are transitioning to a consultative approach to learning Chinese this year.  All of the new classes are either private or semi-private.  For our returning students, we use the FLIP classroom approach with online resources as a supplementary learning tool.

To understand our rationale for these changes, we have provided a list of resources for you to read about the field of second-language acquisition and the history of learning Chinese in the United States.  If you are new and are exploring to study Chinese for the first time, this list of resources would be a gold mine for you.  If you have been studying Chinese for some time, this list of resources would deepen your understanding for this field and give you a deeper understanding for the progress it has made in the last fifteen years.  You will know why we are transitioning to a consultative approach to teaching Chinese and why our new classes are either private or semi-private this year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Director,  We love to hear from you and hear your feedback.

Happy learning!

List of Resources

Chinese Language Learning in the Early Grades - A Handbook of Resources and Best Practices

Hearing Bilingual - How Babies Sort out Language

Chinese Language Teaching and Learning: A View from the Ground

The Power of Bilingual Brain, Time Magazine, July 29, 2013

The Future of Languages

Natural Born Linguists: what drives multi-lingual speakers?  The Guardian

Your Brain on Languages