CSEB’s Response to Current Social Unrest

With the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, we are again witnessing the violent truth of systemic racism. Their deaths, and the fact that many more go unacknowledged, are an affront to our values and beliefs.

CSEB’s work is centered on preparing children and adults of all backgrounds so they can live to their full potentials while helping others in the community. We promote our efforts through culture exchanges, education, and health initiatives.
We strive to combat historic injustices brought about by racist policies and practices, such as redlining and predatory lending, and measures that have excluded people from intergenerational asset-building.

Today, we stand in solidarity with all activists and organizers across the nation seeking justice through peaceful means. We understand the frustration and we hope all stakeholders do the right thing so we can move forward as a society.
Please take care physically and emotionally.

Turn to  your breath. Close your eyes.   Say a prayer.

Offer your love to those who are hurting.